Explanation for Customers Using News Suite Application



Last Revised and Effective Date: 2021-09-30

[ Language : English ]


This Privacy Policy explains the following items.


i. How Sony Network Communications Inc. (“Sony”, “we”, “our” or “us”) will read, collect, use, share and/or store information about your use of the News Suite application and the content you access through the application. This Privacy Policy only applies to the information collected by and through the News Suite application and does not cover any information collected at any other application or website or offline by Sony (unless specifically stated). 


ii. How you can contact us.



1. About the News Suite service


The News Suite service aggregates information from multiple online sources (such as news feeds with Really Simply Syndication (RSS)). You can access the service via the News Suite application that is pre-installed or can be downloaded to your device. Using the application, you can select which online sources you wish the service to aggregate. The application’s user interface will then display the combined information to you in one place as a single feed. In addition, the application has a feature that displays details about online sources that we believe you may be interested in receiving information from based on the content that you access via your News Suite application.



2. Information that the News Suite application may collect and communicate to Sony


When you use the News Suite application, the application may read and communicate to us, for our collection, use and/or storage, the following types of information for the purposes described below in Section 3. Much of this information is collected automatically as you use the News Suite application.


i. Your News Suite application settings


For example, the country and language you selected during setup and whether or not you have enabled certain features, and which news feeds with RSS you have registered to receive information from.


ii. Your device information (for example, model name, version, OS settings, installed apps, Android Ad ID, Identification For Advertisers provided iOS)


iii. Unique ID which is automatically generated when you first start using the News Suite application (for example, device ID, client ID).


iv. Information about your use of the News Suite application


We may also collect information about your content browsing history and preferences while using the News Suite application, including which news feeds you read, which posts you rate and which posts you share with others.


v. Location Information


When you use the News Suite application, we may collect information about your location.  You may turn off the collection of your location through the settings of your mobile device (typically listed under “Location”, “GPS” or similar setting).  We may also collect the default location information that you choose to provide in the News Suite application.  You may update your default location at any time through the setting menu of the News Suite application.  We may share location data with third parties who provide content or services for which location is relevant, but we will not do so in connection with information that will personally identify you without your consent.


vi. Upload History Log (Android smartphone, Android tablet, iOS smartphone and iOS tablet)


For quality and feature improvement purposes, this new feature sends usage statistics of News Suite and Systems to the Sony server. It excludes personal and individually identifiable information. You may incur a charge for data communication when you connect with a cellular network.


This feature requires an Internet connection.


"Upload History Log" settings can be altered.


Please note that the News Suite application may read and communicate the information above to us, even if the application is not currently displayed to you on your device.

 Information collected above will be uploaded in connection with an Android Ad ID or an Identification For Advertisers (IDFA) provided by iOS.  Such Android Ad ID or IDFA can be reset by you in the setting on your device.



3. How Sony uses your information


Sony may retain, use and disclose the information described above in Section 2, subject to applicable laws, for the following purposes:


i. Service provision

To provide you with the features and functions of the News Suite service that you request.


ii. To provide you with information about news feeds with RSS and other content

These suggestions may be personalised using, in particular, the information we collect about your use of the News Suite application as described in Section 2(vi).


iii. Updates and development

To help the News Suite application and service run better, to provide you with software updates, and to develop and introduce new features and functions for the News Suite application and service.


iv. Future product/service development

To assist us with the development of entirely new products and services.


v. Compliance and enforcement

To enforce and ensure compliance with the terms of use for the News Suite application and service and this Privacy Policy.


vi. Advertising and Analytics

To provide you with targeted and contextual advertising and offers both within the News Suite application and elsewhere online.  Also, to perform analytics, research, surveys, and product analysis and development.


By using the News Suite application, you consent to use of the information collected as described in Section 2 for the above purposes in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to use of your information for these purposes, you should not use the application.



4. Who else has access to your information


Your information that is communicated to and stored by Sony may be made available to other Sony Group Corporation's group companies and to third parties, as follows:


i. Sony Group Corporation's group companies

Your information may be shared with other Sony Group Corporation's group companies for the purposes of pursuing the activities set forth in Section 3 above.


ii. Third party contractors


(a) News searching function by keywords utilizes Bing, provided by Microsoft Corporation. The keywords you input will be sent to the server of Bing. Please refer to the Microsoft Services Agreement (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/microsoft-services-agreement).


(b) Message display function for Android smartphone or tablet utilizes Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), provided by Google Inc.. Messages you receive and your user log will be sent to the server of Google Inc. and such information may be used for GCM and/or in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy (http://www.google.com/privacypolicy.html). In addition, advertisement delivered by Google Inc. may be included in the message you receive.


(c) Message display function for iOS smartphone or tablet utilizes Apple Push Notification service (APNs), provided by Apple Inc. (“Apple”). Messages you receive and your user log will be sent to the server of Apple and such information may be used for APNs and/or in accordance with Apple ’s Privacy Policy (http://www.apple.com/privacy/).


(d) Your information may be stored and/or processed by third party contractors of Sony that Sony uses to provide services that assist in the provision and operation of the News Suite application and service.


iii. Business transfer

Your information may be transferred by us as part of a transaction whereby we will transfer all or part of our business, in which case information held by us about our customers will be one of the transferred assets.


iv. Compliance

We may retain, use and/or disclose any of your information as required or permitted by law, regulation or order, including to the police or other appropriate authorities, to investigate complaints made by or against you, or to protect or defend ourselves, or others, against illegal, criminal or harmful activities.


5. Third-party analytics providers, ad servers, and similar third parties


Sony works with network advertisers, ad agencies, analytics service providers, and other vendors to provide us with information regarding traffic on the News Suite application (including pages and content viewed and the actions taken when visiting the News Suite application), to serve advertisements within the News Suite application and to serve our advertisements elsewhere online, and to provide us with information regarding the use of the News Suite application and the effectiveness of our advertisements. Our service providers may collect certain information about your visits to and activity on the News Suite application and other websites and services and may use this information to target advertising to you.


These service providers may set and access their own tracking technologies on your device and may otherwise collect or have access to information about you, which may be used to (among other things): target advertisements, prevent you from seeing the same advertisements too many times, and conduct research regarding the usefulness of certain advertisements to you. We may share usage information about visitors with third-party advertising companies, analytics providers and other vendors for similar purposes.  These third party service providers may collect personal information over time when you visit the News Suite application or other third-party applications, online websites and services. 


For our service providers and their privacy policies applicable to the collection and usage of your information, please see below:




For how to opt out of targeted advertisements by changing settings on your mobile device, see the following.



Please note that advertising and analytics companies may still collect information from you and opting out through these mechanisms does not opt you out of being served advertising. You will continue to be served generic ads while online or on your device.  The News Suite application is an advertising supported application. If you wish to stop the collection of data entirely by these service providers or prefer not to receive any advertisements, you must uninstall the News Suite application.



6. Welcome Screen Messages


A welcome screen may be displayed when you start the News Suite application if we have something new to tell you. For example, it may display messages from us about new content that is available via the application or an update of the application software that introduces new features and/or functionality. You can opt-out of receiving new content and general application update messages on the “Notification” in the application’ s settings. If you do opt-out, you may still be shown important system messages, for example, details of when the News Suite service will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance.



7. Transfer of your information internationally


Your information will be processed, stored and transferred for the purposes set forth above in Section 3 to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and/or your country of residence. Your information will be processed by staff operating outside the EEA and/or your country of residence who work for us or for one of our service providers and may be seen by such staff in those countries. Data protection and privacy laws in these countries may not offer the same level of protection as in the EEA and/or your country of residence and you may have fewer legal rights in relation to your information.


By using the News Suite application, you consent to these transfers taking place. If you do not consent to these transfers taking place, you should not use the application.



8. Security Control Measures


Sony seeks to maintain reasonable security measures in order to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of your information. Although we strive to protect your information, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information transmitted to us through our News Suite applications or that we store on our systems or that is stored on our third party contractors’ systems.



9. General Audience Application


The News Suite application and service are for a general audience and are not directed to children under the age of 13



 10. Changes to this Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. We will post the revised version, with an updated revision date, at the menu of “Setting >> About >> Privacy Policy” in News Suite application and/or on our website, and the changes are effective when we post them (or on such date as indicated in the updated policy). By continuing to access or use the News Suite application after those changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy. If we update this Privacy Policy, we may, in our discretion,  choose to notify you through the News Suite application or via any other method.



11. Contact Information


For further information on our Privacy Policy, including inquiries, complaints, or disputes related to the collection and use of your information, please submit your request via http://socialife.sony.net/en_ww/newssuite/contact/privacy/