Thank you very much for using News Suite.


In some countries, as of November 11th, 2016, the “keyword” functionality no longer be available in the app (the "Keyword" button in the "+" tab under My Feed will disappear).



Keyword functionality from November 11th onward:

・There will no longer be news articles selected based on registered keywords.

・Some articles displayed in the past will continue to be shown for a fixed period of time. However, this is by no means guaranteed.

・Please see below for how to remove the registered keywords.


To delete the configured keywords:

1. Select "Settings" from the Icon_menu_3 menu on the top right

2. Select "Edit tabs"

3. Press the "x" button for the keywords that you want to delete


We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience caused by this change.


Affected countries:

Singapore, the Slovak Republic, the Republic of Slovenia, Thailand, Ukraine, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Colombia, the Republic of Panama, the Republic of Peru, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Croatia, Hungary, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Poland, and Romania.