Basic use

How to transfer [My Feeds] data

Data that can be transferred
You can transfer any RSS feeds and [Keywords] registered in [My Feeds].

Transfer procedure
1. Select [Settings] > [Move data]
> [Export My Feeds data] from the menu to exported your data

2. Receive the e-mail on your new device
*You can smoothly transfer your data by selecting your usual e-mail application and sending the exported data to yourself in an e-mail.

3. Select the OPML file attached to the e-mail and launch News Suite to restore the data

You can also use other RSS readers instead of News Suite to read the OPML file in steps 2 and 3


  • · Some data may not be transferrable based on device compatibility or other circumstances

  • · There is a limit on the number of data points that can be transferred

  • · Data can not be exported if nothing is registered in [My Feeds]

  • · The data export/restore function is supported only for News Suite version 5.0.39 or later