Frequently asked questions

Inability to uninstall the app

When the News Suite app (Former name: Socialife) is preinstalled on Xperia, occasionally the user will be unable to uninstall the app.
When encountering this issue, please use the following steps to render the app “disabled”.

  • 1. Open the [Settings] menu in Xperia

  • 2. Select [Applications]

  • 3. Swipe to select “News Suite (or Socialife)” from [All applications] list.

  • 4. Select [Disable] and tap “OK”

How is this different from Socialife?

  • - You do not need to sign in, and all users can use [Keywords] and [Bookmark].

  • - You can view feeds by category.

This app does not include the following features:

  • - Adding a feed by entering a URL (We expect to add this in the future.)

  • - Synchronizing feeds and bookmarked posts between different devices.

  • - Viewing or posting to Twitter, VKontakte, or YouTube

You can continue to share posts through the Twitter or VKontakte apps. Tap the share button while a post is displayed in News Suite, and select the app you want to use.

Is News Suite free?

There is no fee to use News Suite. Your regular data charges will apply, however.

Cannot add a scheduled feed notification

You can configure up to 6 scheduled feed notifications. If you have already configured 6 notifications, the text will be grayed out, and you will be unable to add a new notification setting.

See here for information on how to delete or edit scheduled feeds.

What version of News Suite am I using?

To find out the version of News Suite:

  • 1. Tap to display the menu.

  • 2. Select [Settings] > [About this app].

Can I move my data, such as my settings, to another device?

You can transfer any RSS feeds and Keywords registered in [My Feeds].
Please view this page for more information.

How do I update feeds manually?

You can update feeds by putting your finger on the feed list and flicking down.
You can also force feeds to update by:

  • 1. Tap to display the menu.

  • 2. Select [Refresh].

How do I change order of the feeds tabs?

  • 1. Tap to display the menu.

  • 2. Select [Settings] > [Edit tab].
    * Tap [My Feeds] on the upper right of the screen to move items on [My Feeds].

  • 3. Tap and hold the item whose position you want to change until its color changes, and then drag it to where you want it.
    * You cannot move items that display .

Can I add feeds or blogs by entering a URL?

If a news site or blog has an RSS feed, it can be added to [My Feeds] by entering the URL of the RSS feed.
Instructions for adding a feed can be found here.

What does the number on the app icon mean?

This number is shown when you receive News Suite update notices as well as notifications of regular news, news of note, etc.

Please see here for more details about the notification function.