I would like to stop using Socialife. How can I remove my user account and registered data?

A999 You can remove your user account of Socialife with the following steps.
Your registered data and settings will be removed as well.

Android smartphone and tablet:
1) Swipe in from the left edge to show the menu.
2) Tap [Settings] > ["Sign-in ID"] > [Remove sign-in account].

Sony VAIO:
1) Swipe in from the right edge to show the app settings.
2) Tap [Settings] > [Options] > [Sign-in ID] > [Remove].

- Your user account will not be removed merely by executing "Sign out" nor uninstalling the app.
- If you have been using Socialife with multiple devices, you have to execute the above procedure only with one of the devices.
However, each device might store your ID/password of your "Sign-in ID."
If you start up Socialife with any of these devices, you might be able to sign in without inputting ID/password.
In that case, since your account has already been removed, a new user account of Socialife need to be created.