How can I change the display order of the news feeds in "Headlines"?

A301 Follow the instructions below for each device.

Android smartphone:
1) Tap the list icon at the top of the "Headline" screen.
2) Tap [Edit] at the upper right of the screen.
3) Long-press the square marker indicated at the left of desired news feed.
4) Drag it higher or lower, and drop at the desired position.
Note: The above applies to Version or later. If the list icon is not found, update Socialife to the latest version.

Sony VAIO:
1) Tap [Edit] at lower left of "Headlines" screen to switch to the edit mode.
2) Long-press desired news feed.
3) Drag it up or down and then you can move it horizontally.
4) Drag it down (or up) to drop it at the desired position.
Note: The number indicated under each news feeds is the width of the news feed in "Headlines". If you set it as "2" the width will be doubled and if "3" it will be tripled.
5) Tap [Finish] at the lower right of the screen to exit from the edit mode.

Android tablet:
Socialife for Android tablet does not have this editing function.