If I sign in to Socialife with Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) and try to associate my Facebook account, it fails with an error dialog "Cannot use this Facebook (VKontakte) account."

A208 You might have created another user account of Socialife with the Facebook (VKontakte) account. In this case, you cannot associate this Facebook (VKontakte) account with the user account created using the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account.
To add the desired social services to the user account with SEN account, follow the steps below.

1) Sign out from the sign-in status with the SEN account.
- Android smartphone and tablet: Swipe in from the left edge to show menu, and tap [Settings] > [Sign out].
- Sony VAIO: Swipe in from the right edge to show the app settings, and tap [Sign out].
2) Sign in again to Socialife with your registered Facebook (VKontakte) account.
3) Remove the user account. How to remove.
Please note all your settings and registered data will be removed.
4) Sign in again to Socialife with your registered SEN account.
5) Add your desired Facebook (VKontakte) account. How to add.