I want to sign in to Socialife with Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account, however, I cannot find an option "Sign in with a Sony Entertainment Network account" in the app.

A206 Signing in with a Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account may not be available in some countries or devices. In this case, please use Facebook account.
Show available countries and devices.

- VKontake account can also be used as "Sign-in ID" in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
- If you have used SEN account to sign in to Socialife with your device and your new or additional device is not compatible with SEN account, please proceed following steps.

1) Sign in to Socialife with SEN account with your compatible device.
2) Remove registered user account. How to remove.
3) Sign in to Socialife again with your Facebook account.

Please note that all your settings you have customized for Socialife such as subscribed news feeds, connected social networking services and bookmarks will be erased by removing user account with step 2) above.