I have accounts of Facebook, VKontakte and Sony Entertainment Network(SEN). Can I sign in to Socialife with any of them?

A204 You cannot use different service accounts together as your "Sign-in ID."
Please choose one of them.

Using Facebook or VKontakte account as your "Sign-in ID":
Posts by your social network friends can be viewed in Socialife.
Please use this "Sign-in ID" when signing in to Socialife. If you select "Sign in with a Sony Entertainment Network account," additional independent user account of Socialife will be created. You cannot associate your already registered Facebook or VKontakte account with this user account.

Using Sony Entertainment Network(SEN) as "Sign-in ID":
You can enjoy Sony services such as Play Station Network, Play Memories Online, TV SideView, Video Unlimited, Music Unlimited with the same ID.
After you sign in to Socialife with the SEN account, you can associate your Facebook/VKontakte account with the user account and display Facebook/VKontakte posts.
However, you need to use the SEN account when signing in with Socialife. The associated Facebook/VKontakte accounts cannot be used as "Sign-in ID."

- Signing in to Socialife with SEN account is not available in some countries and devices. Show details.
- Signing in to Socialife with VKontakte account is available in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.