I want to replace my device (PC, smartphone or tablet) with a new one. Can I keep registered data of Socialife for the new device?

A202 If you have already signed in to Socialife:
If you sign in to Socialife with your new device with your registered "Sign-in ID," subscribed news feeds, your social service accounts and bookmarks will be kept.
- The order of news feeds displayed within "Headlines" of your devices cannot be kept. Please adjust the order with your new device.
- If the app has not been installed to your new device, please download it. You can check supported devices and download it from here.

If you are using Socialife from [Start now] or [Try it now] without user account:
You cannot keep your settings. In order to keep your news feeds subscription, you need to complete user registration from [Sign in] with older device and sign in to Socialife with your new device using the same "Sign-in ID."