What is the difference between functions available in [Start now]/[Try it now] and [Sign in]?

A201 Using Socialife from [Start now] or [Try it now] (You do not have a user account.)
You can enjoy limited features such as reading articles of the recommended news feeds.
Note: "Start now" is available only for smartphones and PC.
A user account is mandatory when using the tablet version of Socialife.

Using Socialife from [Sign in] (You have a user account.)
If you sign in to Socialife with your Facebook account or Sony Entertainment Network account, you will be able to do the following:
- View not only news feeds but Tweets, Videos from YouTube channels, or VKontakte posts, if adding these service accounts to Socialife.
- Send a post to Twitter, or VKontakte.
- Bookmark your favorite posts. The bookmarks can be shared among your PC, smartphone and tablet. For instance, if you bookmark articles or videos with your smartphone, those can be viewed with your PC later.