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Thank you for your continued use of News Suite (formerly Socialife News).

Sony Corporation (hereinafter known as Sony) will hereby transfer all business rights pertaining to News Suite across to wholly-owned subsidiary Sony Network Communications Inc. (name changed from So-net Corporation on July 01, 2016; hereinafter known as SNC) as of October 01, 2016.

In alignment with this, the provider of News Suite will change from Sony to SNC accordingly. News Suite will continue to be provided in the same way following the change in provider. Note that information pertaining to use of News Suite by users who concluded a user agreement will also be transferred across to SNC in accordance with the transfer of business rights. SNC will continue with the strict management of all personal user information in the same way.

[Important] User Agreement Pertaining to the Transfer of Business Rights

Users who do not agree to the change in News Suite provider are requested to uninstall the application in accordance with the uninstallation procedures listed below. It will be assumed that users are in agreement unless the intention to disagree has been received by September 30, 2016.


Click here for details on uninstalling the application


Sony Corporation

*The information in this notice is valid as of August 1st, 2016.

*If the URL in the introduction does not work due to a line break or other problem, copy the entire URL and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

*The information in this notice is subject to change.


▼App Uninstallation Instructions

Follow the instructions below to uninstall the app:

1. Open the Play Store from your device

2. Search for News Suite app and choose it

3. Choose [UNINSTALL], and then tap [OK]


*If You Cannot Uninstall

Preinstalled versions of News Suite (formerly known as Socialife) sometimes cannot be uninstalled. Follow the instructions below to disable the app:


1. Open the Xperia [Settings] menu

2. Choose [Apps]

3. Swipe left to right and select the[News Suite (or Socialife)] app from “All”

4. Choose [Disable] and tap [OK]


▼How to Delete Your Account (for users who signed in to Socialife News)

You can delete your account by following the directions below. Your registered information will also be deleted.

1) Display the menu by swiping from the left side of the screen

2) [Settings] > [Sign-In ID] > [Remove Sign-In Account]



▼Inquiries about News Suite (Socialife News) :