What's New

Thank you for your support of the Socialife News app.

Based on user feedback, we have decided to migrate the tablet version of Socialife News to the newer News Suite app.


The UI has been redesigned for simple readability, and there are now articles on a wide range of topics, including society, entertainment, and sports.
As before, you can continue aggregating your favorite news, blogs, and other interests and read them all in one place.


What you will find is a new and improved news app that brings easy access to events around the world and your own interests all in one place.

Please stay tuned for the update, coming soon.

Changes associated with the renewal

*This update applies to devices with Android OS 4.1 and above. (does not apply to Sony Tablet S.)
*With the revamped app, there will no longer be a sign in. Certain functions available only while you were signed in will be terminated. Please read and note the list of changes beforehand.
*Your RSS feeds registered with Socialife will all be taken over in the News Suite.

 - Changed app name from "Socialife News" to "News Suite"
 - Changed icon designs
 - The icon's name will change from "News Socialife" to "News".
 - Improved UI

 - Enabled reading of news by genre
 - The following features are now available to all customers
   - My Keywords feature
   - Bookmark feature

 - Synchronization of created news lists and bookmarked articles between devices
 - Viewing/Posting to Twitter, VKontakte, Youtube
  * You will continue to be able to make posts sharing articles linked with apps provided by Twitter and VKontakte. Please press the share button and select the company's app while the article is displayed in Socialife.

The News Suite team