What's New

News Suite users can now read famous news feeds (RSS) from different countries in the “News” tab for free!

  1. Display news in the “News” tab
  2. Change the country settings of the “News” tab
  3. News Suite’s Supported Countries

1.Display News in the “News” Tab

Isn’t news being displayed in your “News” tab? What a waste!
Let’s set up your news feed— it will only take a moment.
News Suite’s ability to divide popular news from your country into categories for reading is highly popular.


  1. Tap “News” to display the News tab
  2. Tap “GET STARTED” to begin by choosing your preferred settings!

2.Change the Country Settings of the “News” Tab

Is news from your country not being displayed? Just a little longer, and we’ll have it set up perfectly!
You can change your country settings with the following method:

*Your app will be reset to its initial state, so the feeds and bookmarks you have registered will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding, and please follow the below procedure.

[1]Reset the app to its initial state


  1. Tap thesymbol in the top right of the screen to display the menu
  2. Select "Setting">"Other">"App Reset"

[2]Select your country from the user policy on the initial screen


  1. Restart News Suite again
  2. Select your country from "Terms of service">"Select your language/region"

*The country settings of your news are by default taken from the language and region settings of your device. For example, if a smartphone’s language and region are set to “English (United States),” then news from the U.S. will be displayed.

3.News Suite’s Supported Countries

News Suite supports 66 different countries.
Check the news from your own country!