What's New

We have released the beta version of the News Suite(Socialife) app to individuals who would like to cooperate in application development.
You can test the beta version (for free) via the procedure below.

*Please read this before downloading the beta version.
    - When you install the beta version, it will overwrite the Socialife app that you are using.
    - See here for update changes.
    Please be aware of the above before proceeding.

Step 1: Join the "Sony News Suite Beta" community on Google+
*Google+ is a social networking service by Google. Usage of Google+ is required for using the beta version.
*Community is English-only.

Step 2: Click the "Become a Beta tester" link at the bottom of the community explanation and register as a tester

Step 3: Download the beta version from Google Play

The beta version may have unstable operation. If you notice any bugs or the like while testing, please notify us in the "Sony News Suite Beta" community.
Thank you for your support.

News Suite (Socialife) Beta community has ended.
Thank you for your cooperation.