YouTube will change its API (application programming interface) which is used to display YouTube posts on Socialife.
To support this change, we plan to make adjustment to server settings of Socialife on April 6th, 2015 (UTC).

For those customer who have added YouTube account to Socialife, we would like to ask to execute the following steps;

Socialife for Android smartphone/tablet
Step 1: Install the latest version of Socialife (version or above), before April 6th
Please access below link and tap [INSTALL] button.
If [OPEN] and [UNINSTALL] buttons are displayed, the latest version has been already installed.

Step 2: Re-register YouTube account to Socialife, after April 6th
If you start up Socialife, you will see the dialog "Cannot display content from the following networking services:" followed by two buttons [Do not add] and [OK].
Please tap [OK] and login with your YouTube account (Google account) again.


  • If you select [Do not add], the screen will proceed to the steps to remove your YouTube account from Socialife. You can register the account again if you open the Socialife menu [Settings] - [Services]. However, your previous bookmarked YouTube posts will be removed from Socialife when your  YouTube account is removed.
  • If the dialog appears in the Step 2 displays only [OK] button (without [Do not add]), or if the message "To connect to the server, a newer version of the application is required. Update the app." is shown, Step 1 may not be completed. If you proceed to Step 2 without completing Step 1, your bookmarked YouTube posts will be removed from Socialife.
  • For the Mexican region, unfortunately we are unable to deliver the Socialife app which meets new application interface of YouTube. Due to the constraints, we have to let you know that you will not be able to use  YouTube contents with the Android version of Socialife after April 6th. We apologize for the  inconvenience, and ask for your understanding in advance.

Socialife for Sony VAIO:
Step 1: Remove your YouTube account from Socialife
If you start up Socialife after April 6th, you will see the dialog "Cannot display content from the following networking services". Please tap [OK] to close the dialog and remove your YouTube account following the Socialife menu [Settings] – [Options] – [Services].

Step 2: Register the YouTube account
Please open the same menu [Settings] – [Option] – [Services] and register the YouTube account again.

Your bookmarked YouTube posts will be removed from Socialife when your YouTube account is removed. If you have Android device compatible with Socialife, you can keep the bookmarks by executing Step 1 and 2 of Socialife for Android. If you complete the steps with Android device, you do not have to re-register your YouTube account with your Sony VAIO.